Choice Wraps
Colour, tint, protect your car

Edmonton Car Wrap Installations

We will transform your ride with premium automotive films. Let your style shine with a piece of mind by combining both paint protection and coloured wrap.
Fill out the form and attach pictures of your vehicle to get the fastest quote. Looking for ideas? Check out the PRICING. Once you have a rough budget in mind, stop by and we can help you decide how to wrap your ride.
3M Fusion Fuscia wrap on brand new Dodge Ram
Dive into our vibrant selection of colour change car wraps from leading brands like 3M, Avery, and KPMF. This stunning colour is 3M Fusion Fuschia truck wrap. Want more? Explore close-up videos of our work on Instagram Reels.
Custom boat wraps
Customize with precision-cut shapes from coloured vinyl and printed graphics, our graphic wraps make your boat stand out.
Chevy Camaro with 3M Deep Space Wrap
Go beyond the ordinary with colour-shifting vinyl. Witness the stunning transformation of this Chevy Camaro into a 3M Deep Space spectacle. Why settle for paint when vinyl offers a galaxy of possibilities?
Commercial graphics on a trailer
Experience precision and quality with our graphic installations. This trailer wrap fits like a glove, hugging each rivet for a seamless look. Featuring high-quality printed vinyl with superior UV laminate, we ensure world-class quality that stands the test of time.
Home Hardware Truck Wrap
Before and After We Repaired Rookie Mistakes
Home Hardware Truck Wrap
Watch out! Not every installer is qualified or skilled enough to wrap a car.

Revolutionize Your Ride with Choice Wraps

Dive into the future of automotive customization with vinyl car wrapping – a stellar technique where large, pressure-sensitive vinyl sheets morph your vehicle’s appearance, harmonizing innovation with aesthetic allure. At Choice Wraps, expertly navigating through this meticulous installation process, we promise your vehicle a bubble-free, creaseless, and profoundly vibrant new skin, virtually indistinguishable from a high-end paint job.

Our select use of 3M and Avery Dennison films ensures your wrap not only installs with finesse, thanks to paint-safe adhesive and air-release features, but also guards your vehicle’s original aesthetic and potential resale value. A wrap from Choice Wraps isn’t just a protective shield; it’s an enhancement of its intrinsic value.

Your Vehicle, Your Statement

From enhancing your business’s mobile visibility with detailed, brand-relevant wraps to personalizing your vehicle with innovative and refreshing designs, Choice Wraps provides a palette to splash your intentions vividly across Edmonton’s streets.

  • Full Body Wraps: Comprehensive, cohesive transformation
  • Specialty/Partial/Custom Wraps: Accentuate with striking details
  • Interior/Trim Piece Wraps: Subtle, inner sophistication


A Spectrum of Possibilities

With a limitless cascade of colour options, we invite you to envelop your vehicle in a shade that reflects your tastes and personality, ensuring your presence on the road is unmistakably you.

Why Choose Choice Wraps?

In a city bustling with alternatives, Choice Wraps stands distinct, not just for our certified specialists and adherence to the pinnacle of industry standards, but for our unyielding commitment to your satisfaction. Engage with us, and explore the zenith of car vinyl wrapping services in Edmonton, where your vehicle doesn’t just get a new wrap, it gets a new identity.