Choice Wraps


In addition to the manufacturers warranty as detailed on the product specification sheet, Choice will additionally honor the following claims for the duration indicated: 

a) Two (2) weeks – Installation errors that can be corrected will be corrected and panels will be replaced at no cost to customer as long as the vinyl was applied to a surface with “like new” paint or otherwise in a similar condition.

b) One (1) year – A damage replacement discount will be offered to customer, valued approximately at 33% of the total cost. If the customer damages the vinyl and needs a panel repaired or replaced, they will not be charged full price for the repairs. Damage is not covered by any other warranty.

c) Manufacturers Warranty – We only use the highest quality products available commonly offering 3, 5, 7, and 10 year warranties honored by the manufacturers (such as 3M or Avery) and in accordance with the product specification sheet. If you need to make a claim from the manufacturer within 3 years, we will process on your behalf. After three years you will need to process your claim directly with the manufacturer.

Download Warranty Information (taken from the product info sheets here)