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Racing Stripes, Emblems, Badges, and Company Logo Decals

Choice designs and produces decals and automotive stickers in any shape or quantity. You can either provide the design or hire our graphic designers to create one for you. Perfect for fleet graphics, The same high-quality materials used for wraps are used to create decals.

Vinyl comes in two broad categories, cast vinyl and calendared vinyl. Calendared vinyl is more affordable and less flexible, but for some applications such as cut shapes or vinyl lettering where flexibility is not needed, it is a good choice. However, if designs are elaborate or installed on non-flat surfaces than cast vinyl is the best option.

Business graphics, fleet graphics, or branding vehicles are all standard decal requests at Choice. We can provide a stack of printed stickers for you and your staff to apply as needed to your fleet, or we can also provide installation services as well. Decals are often easy to install, and on a clean surface, automotive stickers will survive many years. If you would like to order a few to test them out before putting in a large order, we encourage that. Our mockup process and production turn-around are quicker than you think.

Creating vehicle stickers is a fast, yet efficient process. First, you contact Choice with a design specification and vehicle type. Then you provide source graphics for the work, and we create a digital mockup. Once the mockup is approved, we scale the designs for production, produce the decals, and then send them to you for installation. If you prefer to have us install your decals for you, then we would schedule your fleet for installation.

We work with boats, RVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and jet skis. Our decals are weatherproof and will last for many years. They are also easy to remove with a heat gun and will not leave any damage to the automobile.

Replacing manufacturer emblems, dealership decals, or creating your own are all in our skill set. We work with automotive dealerships to source OEM seals and stickers.

From the smallest decal for the DIY install to the largest and most complex multi-layered graphic wrap – we do it all.