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3M Paint Protection Film Installation Services

The 3M™ Scotchgard Paint Protection Film Installation service in Edmonton can help you protect your car, so it continues to look sleek and stylish. Bugs hitting the hood, rocks scratching against its surface – nothing will be able to match this beautiful ride!

We Install Car Paint Protection Film (PPF) in Edmonton, AB

Choice Wraps offers a variety of car wrapping services, including 3m installation. We pride ourselves on providing customers with high-quality service and products that keep their cars looking as good today as they did when new!

What Does 3M™ PPF Do?

You can prevent your vehicle from getting scratched and harmful UV rays with the help of Paint Protection Film. Sometimes called “rock guard” or a “clear bra,” PPF products use self-healing technology, meaning any scratches will heal themselves after application and without the maintenance!

3M PPF is a top-of-the-line tough film that also has an impressive warranty to protect against manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship for up to 10 years—you won’t be disappointed if you invest in this worthwhile add-on.


Choice Wraps’ PPF Packages


Hood 18″, Fenders, Mirrors


Hood 24″, Fenders Mirrors, Bumper, Headlight

Full Front

Full hood, full fenders, mirrors, bumper, headlights, fog lights, a-pillars, roof line


Complete Coverage – Maximum protection

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3M™ Scotchgard Paint Protection Film will give your vehicle that pristine look and keep your car looking new. This is good for preserving the resale value of any used cars on sale at a store – especially those models with thin paint jobs or minimal protection against scratches in certain areas where they’re vulnerable to damage such as front bumpers/door handles; side mirrors (including ones mounted near windows); rocker panels behind tires; hoods. You can visit Choice Wraps online if interested- we have handy step-by-step instructions which answer many questions people might have before buying this type of protection package.