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Window Tinting Service

Edmonton’s #1 Tint Shop – Our vehicle wrap installers now offer window tinting services. Please call for pricing or send us some pictures and we can text you a quote.

At Choice Wraps, we love transforming cars into things of beauty with creative designs and jaw-dropping colours. But we also appreciate that sometimes all you need is an invisible layer of protection to protect a car that’s already perfect.

That’s where paint protection film comes in. 3M Scotchgard PPF is a top-of-the-line clear coat of protection that means you’ll never have to worry about a bug hitting your hood or a rock scratching your paint ever again. It even prevents UV rays from causing fading and damage.

Choice Wraps is experienced in the seamless installation of durable PPF that will keep your car looking like new. It’s a great choice for areas that are particularly vulnerable to damage, like front bumpers, door handles, side mirrors, rocker panels behind tires, and hoods. 


Let one of our skilled installers walk you through the process and answer any questions you have about how PPF can help you maintain the resale value of your car and give you effective protection without changing your vehicle’s aesthetics.


With an impressive warranty, protecting you from manufacturing defects for up to 10 years, and self-healing technology that means scuffs and scratches will repair themselves, both you and your car will love 3M paint protection film.